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We're so proud to be collaborating with Teatro LATEA for a four-day-only installment of one of our favorite projects to date- RAPIÑA: four short stories of love and predation, this time in its original Spanish language. This is the third time we've had the pleasure of putting on this mysterious and very fascinating play.

We want to make sure we end our RAPIÑA journey with a BANG, and that's where you come in! Any and all help will be appreciated, and we'll make sure to thank our donors accordingly. Moreover, with the support of Fractured Atlas, any and all collaborations to our cause will be tax-deductible!

This enthralling Argentinian play was written by Mariana Topet and Leandro Airaldo. It first premiered in 2017 in Buenos Aires, and its New York premiere took place last Ferbuary 2019 in The Tank Theatre. Cuchame's version of RAPIÑA feels both very Argentinian and very universal, and our audiences have enjoyed it both in Spanish and English.

Directed by our own Aksel Tang, the play will feature an immensely talented cast: Valeria Llaneza, Victoria Raigorodsky, Carla Costabile, Bruno Giraldi and Damien Alix-Souhabi.

In the author's words, RAPIÑA is a play about what becomes predatory within our human bonds. The vulture (rapiña) appears in the form of an instinctive force that surrounds our relationships with each other, returning us to an almost primitive state.

We prey on what we want, what we love, in a desperate attempt to make it our own or to prevent it from scurrying from our fingers, and in doing that we destroy it.

RAPIÑA consists of four short stories (South/Sur, Bathtub/Bañera, Pictures/Fotos and Like Tarantulas/Como las Tarántulas) that present how violence is exerted on one another's body and soul, in the name of love. 


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