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CUCHAME in MiraBA Magazine

Translated from Spanish

"Cuchame Theatre Co. - Creating bridges between New York and Buenos Aires. Generating a theatrical nexus between Buenos Aires and New York, managing a constant flowof exchange bewteen these cities by bringing plays from United States to Argentina and from Argentina to United States..." (p. 30-31)

Malcolm March, co-creator of CUCHAME in Musicales Baires

Translated from Spanish

"...The doctors gave me two options: you continue and you risk surgery and continuous pain when you get older, or you give up physical activity, ergo, stop dancing professionally.
It was in June of last year that I heard the song "A way back to then" ("Sentido para mi ser" in BAires) and I remembered how far I'd come with my art, all the classes, projects, people I met , the decisions I made...
I started to listen to the whole CD, read the libretto and decided to adapt the work to Buenos Aires. [Title of show] is the story of every person who was linked to art at some time in their life and I firmly believe that it has a very nice message to share."

[Título del show] in Marquesina Musical

Translated from Spanish

"Everyone who´s an actor, a writer or has ever participated in a theater project, or any other area, will shed some tears. But also, in some moments those tears will appear after a gigantic laugh. "Titulo del show" will give you a wide range of sensations and awaits you every Saturday at 8:30 pm in El Método Kairós theatre..."

[Título del show] in GEOTeatral

Translated from Spanish

"They say that what matters is not only the destination but also the journey. The play is about that: more than just a musical about two guys writing a musical about two other guys writing a musical. They prove that you can make a musical with 4 chairs, a piano and a projector. That when talent abounds, you don't need much more. And that you can insernt made up names of Drag Queens (Lucila Tanga and Débora Melchori, to name a few) almost anywhere and it still sounds good."

[Título del show] in Me Piace Il Teatro

Translated from Spanish

" To carry out this work in another country, the challenge is not only its translation, but also its adaptation to new and different customs. In this particular case they did to our reality and our theater, plus some ingredients that we believe "universal", but that they wonderfully knew how to make their own. For example, a song intertwines many musicals of our theatrical history in an impeccable and unforgettable way.

The story is simple, but you have to surrender to it without prejudice, surrender yourself with all your senses and live the life of them during that hour and a half in which they "trap" you with their talents."

[Título del show] in Musicales Baires

Translated from Spanish

"...Two things at the end of the story will be clear: a true friendship surpasses any storm, because they'd rather be "nine people's favorite thing than a hundred people's ninth favorite"; and that making a dream come true, such as writing a musical or simply putting on a show, is not impossible, but it is an arduous job that will demand effort, perseverance, confidence and a lot of teamwork, if you want to make it happen and have it be a success".

Malcolm March and La Herencia in La Voz Hispana NY

Translated from Spanish

"The spokesman of LATNY, Malcolm March, explained that the entity composed by actors, directors, technicians and Argentine writers residing in American soil, plans to establish a solid artistic bridge between Buenos Aires and New York. According to the energetic artist, the company began operating since September 18, 2015 he met with a vast group of theater directors from Buenos Aires. On that occasion they proposed a cultural exchange between the two geographical points."

La Herencia in ViceVersa Magazine

Translated from Spanish

"...The Argentine Theater Laboratory in New York will carry out a reading of the work La Herencia by María Romano with the presence of the author herself. Organized by the Cultural Office of the Consulate General of Argentina this meeting will feature the performance of Carla Costabile, Agustina Berenguer and Camila Zitelli."

La Herencia in El Tintero Blog

Translated from Spanish

"Everyday objects are played with passionately as if in them one could freeze an era, save youth, childhood, maternal love. That love is discovered recorded in a photo, contained in an object and heard on an old record. It is the past, which tells us who we were, and that we vainly try to use it to explain who we are.."

Malcolm March and La Herencia in Diario La Nacion

Translated from Spanish

"...he graduated from the American Music and Dramatic Academy, with mentions as choreographer and interpreter. But Malcolm March opted to go even further, as now he is the artistic director of the Laboratorio Argentino de Teatro project. Its purpose? Present Argentine works in that city. On June 22, at the Argentine Consulate of New York City, he will open "La Herencia" by María Romano.."

Interview to the author of Therapy, Here I Go in Broadway Select

"Being an international performer in New York presents new challenges every day.

Getting used to the language was definitely the first one. The culture is very different too, so I’ll find myself explaining things that I do and consider pretty normal, or asking questions about customs that no one else finds weird or even interesting. Not to mention humor! It is astonishing how the kind of things we find to be funny are shaped so much by where and how we grew up. I do miss my family and friends from Argentina a lot, and deciding to be here is a choice I have to make every single day. However, nothing is as thrilling and exciting as being a performer in New York City. I’m in love with its streets, lights, surprises, opportunities as well as its magic. I wouldn’t change it for the world."

Therapy, Here I Go in Marquesina Musical

Translated from Spanish

"The process was useful and interesting, from the translation to the selection of the team and all the steps to take the work forward. He worked with a lot of Argentines who gave it their all and supported me in those moments when it got a little too hard for me. With the help in the production of Cuchame Theater Co. and Aksel Tang in the direction, we made it through. The result was great! People couldn´t stop laughing and they were eager to see it again. And us to keep doing it."

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