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Interview to the author of Therapy, Here I Go in Broadway Select

"Being an international performer in New York presents new challenges every day.

Getting used to the language was definitely the first one. The culture is very different too, so I’ll find myself explaining things that I do and consider pretty normal, or asking questions about customs that no one else finds weird or even interesting. Not to mention humor! It is astonishing how the kind of things we find to be funny are shaped so much by where and how we grew up. I do miss my family and friends from Argentina a lot, and deciding to be here is a choice I have to make every single day. However, nothing is as thrilling and exciting as being a performer in New York City. I’m in love with its streets, lights, surprises, opportunities as well as its magic. I wouldn’t change it for the world."

Therapy, Here I Go in Marquesina Musical

Translated from Spanish

"The process was useful and interesting, from the translation to the selection of the team and all the steps to take the work forward. He worked with a lot of Argentines who gave it their all and supported me in those moments when it got a little too hard for me. With the help in the production of Cuchame Theater Co. and Aksel Tang in the direction, we made it through. The result was great! People couldn´t stop laughing and they were eager to see it again. And us to keep doing it."

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